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All Venus Project Videos (1994-2011)

Published on 12 Oct 2021 / In Interesting

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Pseudo-Communist Jacque Fresco's B-Rated Utopian Ramblings (1994-2011)

This is a compilation of five Venus Project promotional videos, 'The Redesign of Culture' (1994); 'Welcome To The Future' Parts 1&2 (1998); 'Self-Erecting Structures' (2002); 'Designing The Future' (2006); and 'A Demonstration of The New City' (2011).
The Venus Project is a pseudo-communist secular ideological cult founded by Jewish architect Jacque Fresco (b.1916-d.2017) in 1955 called 'Project Americana', (later renamed 'The Venus Project' after Fresco's then hometown of Venus, Florida).

Although Fresco always maintained that The Venus Project was neither Capitalism nor Communism its central thesis is based on the idea of seizing all global resources under a single administration controlled by social scientists aided by powerful supercomputers. In theory this new social order would constitute as an entirely new type of socio-economic system defined by Fresco as a 'Resource Based Economy'.

Under Jacque Fresco's vision of a Resource Based Economy all contemporary urban centers would be demolished, all industries collectivized, and new hi-tech circular cities constructed all over the planet based on Fresco's theory of 'sociocyberneering', whereby all technological, social and political systems would be fundamentally revised to bring human habitation, welfare and scientific progress to optimal proficiency.

Although Fresco outlined 'sociocyberneering' in his books and television interviews, he never actually defined how it would accomplish a Resource Based Economy or how said economy would in any sense bring about the change in social, scientific and infrastructural circumstances which he identified as necessary to humanity's future. I was going to include a documentary made by Jacque Fresco's former mistress and number one cult follower Roxanne Meadows called 'Paradise or Oblivion', but it essentially just consisted of long, rambling and frustrated end-of-life monologues given by a 96 year old Jacque Fresco.

To see this documentary simply search for it on YouTube.

Personal Disclaimer:

Although I find the Venus Project truly sickening in moral and ideological terms it nonetheless serves as a reminder of exactly what kind of demented society the Globalists are so obsessed with creating. It also receives 10/10 as a work of Modern Socialist Realism, (which is an art style commonly associated with Marxism-Leninism from the early 1920's through to the late1980's).

If you are interested in Modern Socialist Realist art or architecture then this upload may be of some interest to you.
The Venus Project videos I have compiled in this composite are as follows.

0:00:00 'The Redesign of Culture' (1994)

0:19:47 'Welcome To The Future' Parts 1&2 (1998)

1:15:42 'Self-Erecting Structures' (2002)

1:28:20 'Designing The Future' (2006)

1:40:59 'A Demonstration of The New City' (2011)

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