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All Whites are "Racist"

Published on 12 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

Mirroed from Memeolgy on Bitchute

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scm_bacont 3 months ago

You know, if she wasn't pro-zio...

I'd appreciate her argument against this retarded porch monkey...

She's another useless idiot for zog, and being used to enrage the nigger to attack the wrong enemy...

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NaTiVeNoMaD 3 months ago

Niggers,chinx ,sandniggers with help from cunt's n homo's n pedo's like piglosi ,schiff,schumer and the rest of them human TRASH are fuckin' us hard n mercyless everyday,payback must see the light of day!

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Kofajgogsos 3 months ago

Just look at that insect bristle skulled boot lip !

How many of you would love to have that beast of the field coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas , in the arms of your wife or daughter ????

Destroying your families gene pool - heritage and all the memories of your White families , going back decades - centuries and millenia ???

The ultimate disgrace and affront to our White Race , are f....g race traitors ; whether they be male or female !!

They must be banished and disowned for the sake of our race - heritage and Christian Identity !!

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HEILHITLER1488 3 months ago


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Kofajgogsos 3 months ago

White's cannot be racist because there are no other races on earth , except the White Aryan Adamic Israelite Race.

niggers are not even a species , much less a breed or race !

WHY ??

They have absolutely no homogeneity of DNA !

Without homogenous DNA you are a filthy damn bastaridized - mongrelized beast of the field !

All fake ass jews - filthy damn asians - himalayan mongolian apes - sand niggers - boot lipped apes and wetbacks are not races of people period !!!!!

niggers cannot use racism as an argument against White racism because they are not a race - they are not even remotely f....g human ; or civilized and are not legally or morally entitled to any civil or human right's , much less any welfare or any other benefits.

This is scientific and documented fact !!

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