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Alleged ⁣Twitch Live Payton Gendron (Fragment)

Published on 15 May 2022 / In White Replacement

⁣Twitch Live at Tops Markets at Buffalo Newyork. White Man. 10 People. Payton Gendron

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NOLAWULF 1 hour ago

This is 100% bullshit, just like almost all of them, Christchurch, parkland, sandy hook, etc.. what a convenient psyop. They can do these like nothing now. They want us disarmed and marched into camps, or in an all out civil war. Just like with Epstein, when he was being held in jail, there were 5 false flag shootings that week! and at the end of the week, he was dead! What a fucking joke. Over the past 5 years too much truth had been getting out online, so they went crazy with all the censorship, demonizing, and staged events. I’m surprised that David Hogg, and Jussie weren’t there to help block a few bullets with their cellphones. Fuck these LIARS!!!

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Wordsoftruth1488 2 hours ago

I understand that there is a lot of division between our people if this is a gay op I am not sure, I can't be sure, but the Buffalo shooter was 18 years old, seeing a world that hates him and people that look like him, it's not groups on the internet encouraging this, it's our government, the one who aims to destroy White heritage, I am not saying he went about what he did in the right way, but he was 18 and he was angry, he did what he did because he knows that this country is against him and every other White person who lives here. I do find it sad and tragic because this White kid felt he had no other way to to turn, that is heartbreaking, I feel for him more than I feel for all the blacks looting, burning because a druggy was killed while committing a crime, I feel anger towards those who will not see this for what it is, I feel anger to those who don't realize that this will be on the news non stop for a while, when the Waukesha hate crime did not get labeled for what it was, and was shut down fast because he was the color of choice, or even the subway shooting, most don't even know what he himself said on this YouTube channels, they just went with the narrative that was out out. This is not just the Buffalo kids fault, this is what we are doing to our children when we don't use our voice to protect them, and yes,in that way it is terribly sad.

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God God
God God 5 hours ago

If anyone wants the full video here you go.

Not sure why these guy did not upload the entire thing.
Proof it is b.s. here

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DDoubleDD 4 days ago

Christchurch psyop 2.0

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allourstuffiscool 4 days ago

He does not look like the same guy's recent pix from the manifesto....

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