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Alt Right & Shills Exposed (Johnny Gat)

Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In Jewish Genocides

Alt Right & Shills Exposed (Johnny Gat)

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FreemasonsAREfaggots 8 months ago

When we finish with the tribe, ROME is next!!!! The popes and his Jesuits need exterminated!!!! Then we deal with the black nobility bloodlines!!!! I want my country back my minutemen grandfathers established for all of us back and I'm willing to kill for the future of the descendants of this land!! Jews and Rome along with your faggot Freemason cult had better start getting the hell off this soil NOW!

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eurotrash_87 10 months ago

Lauren southern is Jewish?! Somewhere Dr Murdoch is crying in the corner haha

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Mr. Anonymus
Mr. Anonymus 10 months ago

So what I’m seeing is that we need to section off.... anyone ready yet for that? What does it entail? Leaving television, leaving your cell phone, leaving your fucking refrigerator and actually taking control of your own destiny. I have been ready but can’t do it alone. I’ve offered many times but no one has taken me up on the offer as of yet but here it is again if you would like to talk seriously about the possibility of this.

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14Unger88 11 months ago

Johnny Gat does his homework. Every video he does is well thought out.

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SerIntegral 11 months ago

Yeah! F*ck all joos!

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