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America's Manufactured Opioid Crisis - The Hidden History of The Heroin Pushers

Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

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Angleburrthumperdink 2 months ago

Lanski, "always had a chip on his shoulder", so became a Heroin dealer destroying the lives of others to make himself feel better. So virtuous. I wonder if the Sackler family had chips on their shoulders, too.

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LoneWolfOne 4 months ago

I know you and I have duked it out on comment sections, but in honesty, I appreciate the documentaries you and Kyle have made, that I have seen thus far.

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Jollyfree 4 months ago

Comment of the week! Well done. ;-)

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LoneWolfOne 4 months ago

@Jollyfree: I have my moments lol.

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scm_bacont 4 months ago

Thank you so much! I can't wait for the next (10?) Episodes!!!

Sharing with people!!!

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 4 months ago

The Filthy synagogue of Satan ,poison everything in every way.
Our mind's, our air , our water , our food , our spirituality , our children , our medical , our work , our education , our buying and selling etc. etc.
I could do this all day as we well know.
The make The white victim's into the Devil's,
As they the Devil's constantly cry Victim's,Victim's!
It is outrageous and utterly absurd.

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frogsgottalent 4 months ago

We already know the situation, it's a case of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. # O p Save G a z a (noGaps), locate the hackedMEGAfiles with over30k OPERATIONALmoss adNames addressesEmail phonenumbers WORLDWIDE including USA. Original source closed but info still available for those who look.

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anchor94 4 months ago

The 3 Brothers who started that (((pharmaceutical))) company that pushed oxy then later sub and methadone, also literally invented (((mental diagnoses))) for ne-various reasons.

Gee wiz I wonder what faith they belong to

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