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America is Anti-White Shithole (galacti74)

Published on 15 Feb 2021 / In Jewish Genocides


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Soldier1 4: @THATWHICHMATTERS: If Yahweh says it, so shall it be. Amen!
- - - - - - - - -

Dear Soldier14, I just “caught” your response to me because I happenstance saw your post to me, yet never got any notification! *chuckle*…

That being said, Soldier14, kindly forgive my emphatic disagreement with your quote… and by no means do I wish to argue or demean you in any way! Clearly, I read what you typed, and in good fellowship, must then contribute trust that you typed that post to make a point… to express your abject belief in… what you typed!

Here’s the rub, Soldier14… if I may! What I mean is… “: If Yahweh says it, so shall it be”… in the manner in which you expressed… in my view, and the degree that I sense that I have researched and given due diligence over to… well… how can I be certain that your interpretation of what you typed does not meet my interpretation?

Soldier14… I am not here to demean you, or to prove myself smarter than you, or to this, that, or the other! I truly believe that I have knowledge, but sometimes I am afraid to “disseminate” due to the fact that I will alienate!

Does any of this make sense? … It’s like… I KNOW, but sometimes I get so God Damned Lonely of being right all the time, that I’d give anything for one kind word in my direction!

I cannot fathom the trials and sacrifices that my ancient prophet kindred flesh brothers went through… for US… US lazy-assed kindred! *chuckle*

Soldier14… please forgive me for not understanding you exactly, yet I wish to extend my respect to you, and sincerely moreover to your loved ones! I enjoy your posts, and… *chuckle*… you entertain me… BUT in a very very good way! All the best Soldier14! I am your humble brother (***)!... John!

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tomtruther says: It is important at this time that every good person of age concealed carries. Also there is absolutely no reason for a white family to live anywhere near blacks let alone next door. I don't know how they could ever sleep. If schools ever do open up again there is no reason to send your kids to school with blacks. Home school or private Christian School. If worse comes to worst and there's no other option ship them off to an all-white boarding school. If you go to a store and they have black employees turn around and walk out. If you go to sit down at a restaurant and there are blacks there take your family elsewhere. Make sure your Sons and Daughters know that if they so much as get caught talking to a black let alone going out on a date that they will be emancipated and cut off financially and be forced to find their own place to live. They already did a test run cuz when the shit hits the fan and there is a food shortage in 2020. They have been preparing and we'll do the real deal shortly. Make sure you have 6 months of food and water. And make sure you have at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition. If they cut the food supply and let the blacks run wild I am confident We could just set home and let them come to us. I suggest All whites especially white familiesHave a plan for home invasion just like you would for a fire. Some people might think it's Overkill but clearly this black violence and Insanity has already happened in cities all over the country. Couldn't hurt to practice a couple drills. There's a few things that can make all the difference. Such as has several points of hardcover you can shoot from. I live in a true masonry brick building so every window and the door provides hardcover through the wall. Would be a good idea to have 1 shooting point on each side of the house. Cut out the drywall below and decide and stick some quarter inch steel plate in there. Cheap considering even handguns will go through most Exteriors. Have weapons and ammo caches in case you're forced to retreat momentarily. House at least four fire extinguishers strategically-placed. And your garage near a vehicle if you have one and then throughout the house where it makes sense. Also have a few of those fabric garden hoses that shrink up and a way to quickly connect them to any sink. Niggars will try to burn you out. I have even trained my dog to go and hide under the bed if I touch a gun. Because once again you know the niggars and even the cops will kill your dog even if it's a little fluffy. I honestly don't know how they could kick this off before 1st trying to take The guns from good Christian people. But I don't see the blacks backing down or the whites giving up their guns. It definitely couldn't hurt to be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones. Spend a couple thousand of those worthless United States debt notes on absolutely anything you think you might need things go bad. Because we are quickly approaching a time where it's going to be too late. They are going to cut the supply of such things we need for protection and for survival or you are going to be excluded from purchasing for not getting your vaccine or saying something contrary to popular opinion. But in the end we have God on our side. Doesn't mean we should be laying ourselves out there like victims.
- - - - - -

Dear Friend Tom… what you are, I once was! Practically everything you state, I once believed! The incredible sense of urgency that leaks from your sentiment truly caught my attention! I truly used to believe exactly what you purport to express!

On a small digression, I am remiss if I do not engage the rule of “parlay” and confidentially mention that I am suspect as to whether you are being genuinely sincere, or simply intentionally “stirring the pot”, so to speak!

That being said, I am emphatically being honest that the “tone” of your comment really caught my attention, and… *chuckle* … reminded me of… me… about 10 years ago! In other words, dear friend… “Chicken Little” Syndrome!

Does that make sense, Tom?

Tom, I will cut it short, and simply state that your comment is reflective of hysteria, panic, unreliability, a weak mind and spirit… unstudied, untutored, profane, stiff-necked… and I will leave it at that!

Tom, I kindly ask that you forgive my admonition of your well thought out and lengthy post! I will even go one better and state that when I read a lengthy post such as yours, and sense that it is not spam and this and that and the other… then what really stands out to me is that a post like yours truly and sincerely means a lot to you and is perhaps a bit like, “A Cry For Help… or Acceptance… or Confirmation”!

Tom… I cannot blame you for the time you took to type that long post, and I do not wish to, and what I got from your expression (to me) reminded me of someone who is at their wits end… like someone who is about to “lose it”!

Tom… were I there with you now, I guarantee I could sort you out… minimally to the point of not being lured to your emotions, and learning to address reality! *chuckle*… and I DO sense that that does not make sense!

Tom… I sense that what you need to hear from a stranger is that YOU ARE OK, and that IT is ALRIGHT!

Tom… calm down! Your post touched me and really made me realize that I have a lot of literal younger kindred flesh (as well as metaphoric younger kindred flesh) out there!

I don’t have much, but I would give you the shirt off my back! What else can I do?

Tom… did you forget what “Dad” said?............. “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.“

Cheers, Tom, you have my respect for taking the time to type out that lengthy post, and possibly believe that no one would take the time to read it and examine it to the degree that I have! *chuckle*…well, my dear friend… guess what? I did! You are finer than frog hairs in my book, thus far!!

Tom, I may not particularly understand you, yet I truly wish for and pray for the very very best to you, and those whom you love, and also to consider those whom our Creator perhaps has sent our way… to push us into a direction that we would not otherwise ordinarily go! *chuckle*

Tom, I enjoyed your post, and look forward to more expression from you! Kind and very humble regards to you, sir!... friend! – John!

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RogerPirate 11 months ago

Shlomo-- release the groids !

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Soldier1 11 months ago

Avoid all groids!

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SILENTCRUSADER 11 months ago

At 12:10 who was that being murdered?

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