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Published on 21 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Lake Merritt California Descends Into Hell As Multiple People Are Shot, Women Twerk And Grind on Ambulance Responding To Violence
This was just a small sample of the madness and chaos that went down in Lake Merritt, California on father's day as women are seen grinding on men and twerking against an ambulance as it responds to the violence of the day.

Police say there is a seventh victim in Saturday's deadly shooting in Oakland that left one person dead, five others injured. The female victim showed up to the hospital with a gunshot wound but is listed in stable condition.

The shooting happened on Lakeshore Avenue at Lake Merritt just after 6 p.m. where people had gathered for a Juneteenth celebration on the other side of the lake, police say.

Officers previously reported they located six victims, five males aged 16-27 and one female, 22, suffering from gunshot wounds.

A 22-year-old man from San Francisco was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other five victims are reported to be in stable condition.

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If only we genocided them in Africa and took the land for ourselves. That what happens when you’d listen to altruism whitey and if you buy in to Jewish shekels.

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momento 3 months ago

Jews and CCP are pushing niggers=good on our White majority in Australia. Violent dramas that make the news involving niggers in the future is assured. It's just a matter of if Whites are going to start bashing or killing them in large enough numbers or not. They been faggotised a lot, so it's doubtful.

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phillip 3 months ago

im up for it,for the children

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momento 3 months ago

@phillip: Good to hear. Have to think about how it will affect our children. Agree.

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BrodyBro 3 months ago

Dancing wild monkeys, cage em up and throw em some bananas..

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Drawdy Clan
Drawdy Clan 3 months ago

National Nigger Day

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OdinsSpear 3 months ago

Subhuman animals.

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