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American Rabbi & Hitler: The Dysfunctional Jews and their own Jewish State

Published on 28 Apr 2021 / In Jewish Question

⁣Recently a supporter was looking for a really old video I had done some years ago. It is not online anywhere. I found a copy. It was where a famous American Rabbi was talking to a huge Jewish audience. In this video I focused on the dysfunctionality of Jews. This also gives you an insight into why these people prefer to colonize other successful countries. It also proves Hitler true. Hitler spoke in Mein Kampf about Jews having a country of their own and how they would behave.

The original video was created on 31st December 2016.

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san_nicola 3 months ago

Today is May 9th, which is considered a holiday and the day when the good allies beat the evil nazis.
Get the fuck outta here.
The allied forces were all dumb servants of the Jews, while the Jews were the only ones who won that war, so no wonder why this satanic holiday still exists.
Look at what happened to Europe from 1945 till now, and tell me, was it really worth it that Hitler lost ?
Wouldn't it be better, if Hitler won, so today we'd never have corona bullshit, race mixing, pedophilia, LGBT and any other degeneracy ?

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago

good one bud. fuck jewtube anyway ,normies who dont want to see whats very easily seen (((the j problem))) are our much needed cannon fodder. fuck em

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