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⁣And it's too late ⁣Baby now it's too late #55

Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Texaswolf 28 days ago

Beyond horrible. Would like more information. Did she take THE jab? Did she shoot her kid with it? Or is she referring to other vaxxes?

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frogsgottalent 28 days ago

And theJews, laugh, and laugh, and laugh........... shekels in the bank while the dumbGoym wipe themselves off the face of the map.

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dustyfemalecat 28 days ago

They made sure to vaccinate my mother in the soviet union while a pregnant to a point where she fell ill for weeks and water retention in the legs tore her veins apart so they became varicose and told her that's what pregnancy does to you to scare her away from making more than one child which worked and insured she would never keep a man by teaching feminist obsession to annoy and dominate men. After all the vaccinations she spent her whole life with an emotional psychology of a ten year old girl and an inability to understand things comparable to a slightly retarded child, you know, the kind vaccines create. She made damn sure to get the covid jab.

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ellockjack 28 days ago

He's already a goner.

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Terry 28 days ago

You did that you stupid whore. Where is the father?

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WhiteMiasma 28 days ago

A nation of bastards..

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