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Anne Frank's step-sister admits Auschwitz liberation photos are FAKE

Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Good Morning Britain
ITV, 27 Jan 2020

27 Jan 2020
Daily Mail
Anne Frank's step-sister and
Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss claims photos of the Soviet liberation
of Auschwitz are FAKE because soldiers hadn't brought cameras and were
taken at other camps

Prisoners confirm they took part in staged footage:

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Deemax 2 months ago

It was most likely a Communist gulag that was filmed.

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 2 months ago

100% In Auschwitz there where Nice 2 Story Buildings, with Red Brick Walls. I do not see any of that on these Fakes.

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