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Another Catholic church DESTROYED by fire in Canada

Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Whatever your beliefs its just tragic to see anything antiquated destroyed in an instant when its stood there for a 100 years. Another Catholic church DESTROYED by fire in Canada - latest in a series of suspected arsons after residential school mass grave discoveries!

St. Jean Baptiste Parish, a century-old Catholic church north of Edmonton, Canada, burned down early Wednesday.

The incident is being treated as suspicious by the RCMP and is being investigated as arson.

Four Catholic churches on Indigenous lands ( in British Columbia have burnt down recently - in what could be in response to the uncovering of mass graves ( of Indigenous people that have been linked to state-sponsored Catholic schools from the previous century.

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FearlessFaith 3 months ago


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Vector 3 months ago

Before rotten whitey arrived there was always war and conflict between different tribes. Oh yeah, they also also practiced slavery.

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David_Greco 3 months ago

Quote from the movie "Shooter" -

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asbelowsoabove 3 months ago

Agreed - the problem is not the building

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago (edited)

I think Canada is creating a fake atrocity to rile up the Indians and create false flags to seize more power, since they're mad with it already. Those graves are no proof of wrongdoing as far as I can tell. Something like 750 graves with 215 children likely from the early 20th century and likely killed by some disease that Indians were vulnerable to. Many thousands lived in and around those schools over a 90-100 year period which surely includes a number of outbreaks. Grave stones may have been moved or were non-existent. Some may have had wooden markers that rotted in a generation and may not have been Christian. Who knows what true time period the graves are from? It was great conspiracy propaganda to provoke the savage that can still be summoned in the tough natives of the far north. It seems the Commie Canadian government has the Indians pissed off enough to attack Churches for them. Shutting congregations down wasn't good enough for them - now they're burnin 'em.

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