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ANOTHER (Old Survivor) Holocaust LIAR, Nov 3, 2022

Published on 03 Nov 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣There is no end to these Holohoaxers. Also the Germans must have been totally inept in a 'declared' death camp - to not have eliminated everyone WITHOUT SURVIVORS.

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LeniRiefenstahl 7 months ago

As Bishop Williamson has said, people can no longer think any more. It's all based on emotion, not actual evidence. Evidence does'nt exist anymore. No more critical thinking, no more doing the maths , no more looking at genuine photos etc. Or when Auschwitz was remodelled by the Russians etc. That doesn't come into it. And let say that a crematorium works on an 8 hour day. 2 hours max fora body to burn, that is 4 bodies . It may be slightly more or less depending on body weight. But people dont think about shit like that.

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HereAmI 7 months ago

Alison Chabloz - one woman against the world.

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Hatbox 7 months ago

Haven't you ever wondered why if so many people survived the holocaust, who died?

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Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 7 months ago

Holy moly they have up'd the anty to 7 gorillion WTF lol

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