Another Queer Parade | Cologne Germany

J Peterman
Published on 16 Jul 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

I would exterminate everyone watching the tranny queers parade first for admiring the anti human faggots. Then id get rid of the crippled queers and save all the others to kill off last.

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BasedAndAwake 6 months ago

colon Germany no joke

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happyapple4 8 months ago

They think it's the 1960"s. The tide is turning big-time on this Jew creation transgenderism. It's another Jew-created cult. they like forming cults which started with their own-Judaism. Just put this with the rest of present-day rampant confusion with what most people have today just dealing with the two biological sexes! 2 not 8 only 2 dear

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Globophobe 8 months ago

At least they make it easy to tell they're degenerates by looking like degenerates.

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