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Another Voice of Freedom Episode 47: Guest John Ball

Published on 18 May 2023 / In Uncategorized

⁣Television for a Whiter future!

A collection of pro-White videos to educate and edify.

I try to find and upload the most high quality, complete versions of the best truth-telling videos on the Web. (Usually four or five a week.) Also, every Friday I add a classic feature film that was made prior to the current antarian, misandristic era in Hollywood.

If you have (or know of) a video that you would like to see added, please let me know.

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Host Ernst Zundel talks with John Ball about the "concentration" camp featured in the movie SCHINDLER'S LIST. Mr. Ball is a mineral exploration geologist and aerial photo analyst who authored THE BALL REPORT, a tract exposing the lie that the Auschwitz camp was used to exterminate Jews.

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THE BALL REPORT: file:///home/russ/Data/Colchester/website/titles/B/ball-report.html

Other books exposing the "Holocaust:" file:///home/russ/Data/Colchester/website/subjects/holocaust.html

More Real History books:

More books on Jewishness:

Books on Nationalism, or the answer to Jewish Globalism:

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