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Another Voice of Freedom Episode 61: Guest Carlos Whitlock Porter

Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Uncategorized

⁣In this 1988 film, host Ernst Zundel interviews prominent real historian, Carlos Whitlock Porter. They discuss Mr. Porter's research into the so-called "holocaust", including the absurdity of Zyklon B as an agent for killing people; fraudulent books like the DIARY OF ANNE FRANK; and how the Jews' "Holocaust" narrative came to be the dominant Western Myth of the late 20th century.

"Holocaust or Hollow Hoax? 10 Reasons the 'Holocaust' Never Happened" by Russell James: https://www.stormfront.org/for....um/blogs/u151910-e46
"Lies about the Holocaust and Auschwitz Create Huge Profits" with VeGAINator: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pmes0YUo5M8w/
"Anne Frank's Diary, a Hoax" by Ditlieb Felderer: http://www.colchestercollectio....n.com/titles/A/anne-
Find Mr. Porter's books: http://www.colchestercollectio....n.com/authors/P/carl
More books on the "Holocaust": http://www.colchestercollectio....n.com/subjects/holoc
More books on Jewishness: http://www.colchestercollectio....n.com/subjects/jewis

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