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Antifa White Women at ballgame

Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In Sports

this is why we are screwed

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Article 7 months ago

Yes I also loathe the egregious narcissism displayed here, but these ✡ owned commentators would have never done this if this were a pack of nigger sheboons or some other non-whites...

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Lever_Action 8 months ago

And of course this takes place at a stadium full of grown men idolizing other grown men, many of whom are niggers and degenerates, and paying them millions of dollars a year to play nigger ball. They should look in a mirror

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FuriousGeorge 21 days ago

BEWARE : Grown men wearing childrens Jerseys.

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Duckandcover 8 months ago

This is an older video. Why are we calling these high school girls antifa? I see no basis for that claim.

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hocuspocusfocus 8 months ago

yep they are narcissists , self obsessed fuckwits simple as they are everywhere locked to their prison cellphones

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GodHelpUsAll 4 months ago

Lots of conservative fags on here that actually believe in the left right paradigm. They think the ones pulling strings are “muh commies” and “muh marxists” they’re still surface level, they probably got red pilled a year ago. Antifa is the least of my worries, they’re just a tool, not the ones that run the show.

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Allophylian 8 months ago

Pride, vanity, self centered absorption - but it still knows
what ''love'' is. This is what takes people away from their
spirit and God

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Alarich 8 months ago

They look more like sorority chicks than Antifa. What's supposed to make them Antifa?

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