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Antisemitic Turtles

Published on 10 Dec 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Several turtles at a Washington park have had swastikas painted on their shells, leaving lovers of the park shocked at such a hateful act.

Residents of the City of Renton have noted that the turtles at the popular Gene Coulon Park have had the marks for a little over a month.

Local authorities have had to field a variety of calls from people concerned about the message and the animal's safety.

Regular visitors of the park believe that someone is putting the mark on the turtles for 'shock value.'

'I can't wrap my head around it,' one resident exclaimed.

Pacific Northwest Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League Miri Cypers said that the occurrence was troubling and unfortunate, KIRO reports.

'Even though, it appears it may have been painted in the wrong direction,' Cypers added.

Authorities and wildlife personnel have been working to retrieve the turtles and get the marks off of them.

A Saturday rally has been planned at the park for 1pm in hopes to 'Rally Against Hate.'

Rally organizer Chad Cashman-Crane said: 'Many of us are upset to see this in our own backyard.'

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

I’m going to do this!!!

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AryanRooster 2 years ago

EPIC LOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! Teenage Mutant Nazi Turtles! 🐢⚔️

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tarzzan 2 years ago

who ever did this needs to put star of davids with the kike commie hammer sickle inside of it make it like a war lol

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Allophylian 2 years ago

This is the Babylonian Sun Wheel. It appears in every ancient
culture. If you believe otherwise - the Jews own your brain.

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Aussiewaffen 2 years ago


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