Antony C. Sutton US.National Suicide The Truth Behind The Soviet Union-1976

Louis Marschalko
Published on 03 Feb 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

⁣⁣The T-54 tank was used in force in early 1972. The T-54 has a modified Christie-type
suspension. The GAZ trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail came from the Ford-built Gorki plant.
The ZIL trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail came from the Brandt-built plant. Both plants were
equipped with new American machinery while the Vietnamese War was in progress. The
amphibious PT-76 tank is manufactured at Volgograd--in a factory built by eighty U.S.
firms. This is called "peaceful trade" by the mystics in Washington.
As the material presented in this book will show, the "arsenal for revolution" was built by
Western firms and has been kept in operation with "peaceful trade." When all the rhetoric
about "peaceful trade" is boiled out, it comes down to a single inescapable fact--the guns, the ammunition, the weapons, the transportation systems that killed Americans in Vietnam came from the American-subsidized economy of the Soviet Union. The trucks that carried these weapons down the Ho Chi Minh trail came from American-built plants. The ships that
carried the supplies to Sihanoukville and Haiphong came from NATO allies and used
propulsion systems that our State Department could have kept out of Soviet hands--indeed,
the Export Control Act and the Battle Act, ignored by State, required exactly such action.
The only other route for these supplies was by rail across Siberia and China. But Soviet
locomotives and railroad-operating equipment have also been traced to U.S. and European

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