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Aqua-Fake Jason Momoa 'You Are The Virus Infecting Earth' UN 2019 - They Live

Published on 19 May 2022 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣"distinguished da-uh gagela-dits..."
Fake-Aquaman Jason Momoa UN 9-27-19: You Are A Disease Infecting This Planet - 'They Live'

see post:

"9-29-19 - "Climate change" the hoax of the centuries. All done with smoke and mirrors - and lots of political collusion at the highest levels globally over many long years [2Thes. 2:7], and lots and lots of geoengineering over those many years for 'special effects' [see 'Federal Report' above - links], and total media control, and a massive long-term propaganda campaign in every sphere of society... and now pretend 'Aqua Man' himself actor-for-a-living Jason Momoa. Hoax scam of the centuries..."

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Dan1987 2 days ago

He is right, well said ... (they) are a disease on this world, he and his team

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HailVictory 1 month ago

Hes a pedophile btw. Fuck this tool, thats all he is, a tool.

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TinyCow 1 month ago

if he had changed one word he would have been spot on. "We are a disease, that is infecting ***their***(the Aryan's) planet". Yes, you and the niggers and the kikes. yes indeed.

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