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Are you tired of Jews yet?

Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

In 1933 the group of people of Asiatic and negroid descent called Jew declared war against the White race because they wanted their bank reestablished in Germany. Germans then had to ask the question of whether they wanted freedom or be slaves to Jews. Of course the Jews print up their own money on worthless paper but it is good at buying off people to fight for them.

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Desertdueler 5 months ago (edited)

The day of reckoning is coming, I just hope there is enough to realise this before they sink their claws in another civilisation.

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rambetter 5 months ago

Yes I'm tired of yids. No more brother wars. Only wars against the international Jew.

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MaximumDong 5 months ago

Armageddon describes a place in israhell. It is swiftly coming. We must drive them out of our lands through nonstop onslaught so that they all travel there and we end it once and for all.

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