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Armed citizens shoots at rioters in South Africa

Published on 17 Jul 2021 / In Niggers

This is the only solution for dealing with blacks, not deporting them only. They need to be mass killed in your country and kicking them out as they only understand violence and murder.

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Angleburrthumperdink 4 months ago

I didn't see one body drop. Poor show.

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AsianRacialist 4 months ago

At least they are starting to do something. If only they practiced better and used better bullets.

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Steelmidnight 4 months ago

Gunfights arent like Hollywood, where its bang bang and they fall down, unless your a crack shot which is rare, as shooting at a moving target, with the stress and adrenaline of combat makes it harder to hit targets...There is some blood spatter on the ground, so they did connect, but with low caliber rounds (Like they are using) unless you hit a vital organ or the head (easier said then done) they could still function for a while before bleeding out. In fact, at closer range (within 10 ft) depending on the marksmen, a knife can be more lethal then a firearm, believe it or not.

Hopefully some of them died later. But in a war, these non white hordes wouldnt stand a chance, even IF our numbers were small....The white race are the most superior race when it comes to war, and its not even close. Before our militaries were infested with non whites, we DID NOT LOSE WARS unless against other whites (and those were the bloodiest battles). Since filling our militaries with non whites, we havent won shit. And they are the reason.

They have the mindset of an ignorant fanatical mob, while we employ guerilla tactics, stealth, strategy, baited ambushes, ect. It isnt that the white race fears these ignorant hordes if this goes to war (as I used to surmise).....Its that our people fear for our humanity for the carnage we would inflict on them if the gloves come off.

And sooner or later, this problem is going to have to be dealt with. It isnt going to work itself out like our people are hoping....Its going to get worse, until we unite and take a stand.

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Drawdy Clan
Drawdy Clan 5 months ago

Goddamn, horrible shooting

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drumbum 5 months ago

rubber bullets.....

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AsianRacialist 5 months ago (edited)

True, they should have used better ammo for those savages.

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