as far as my feet will carry me clip

steven aponte
Published on 10 Nov 2022 / In Video Vault

a german officer during the last part of world war 2 is captured by russians and put in
prisoner of war camp deep in russia and far frome home...escaping the camp and hunted by the russians he meets russian trappers/hunters, one of whom knocks him down a steep mountain and abandons him...with wolves about to attack him suddenly shots ring out and the wolves are dead or run off...eskimo hunters then befriend him and take him to their village to heal him...he has rlations with the shamans daughter
but must leave when one of the hunters learns the russians are after him...from a true story...

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jimmyhugo 28 days ago

so sad; maybe the biggest tragedy of history in my opinion; and, most people don't care

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