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Asking People, Why Did Churchill Refuse Peace Offers from Adolf Hitler

Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In History


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Germanic_Gnosis 2 months ago

Love the Asian guy with his hand on his head 😂😂😂

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Porcupine 2 months ago

As futile as it seems to do this, we must try to reach our young people. They are weapons which will later be unleashed upon us all, and planting the seeds of truth now could make all the difference later. If anyone like this gentleman can tolerate these indoctrinated youth and jewz and commies without being diminished or losing ones’ marbles, it is not a waste of time no matter how much it appears to be. Noble work!

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Eckhart 2 months ago

American kids used to look much better.

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RespondVsReact 2 months ago (edited)

Was this video created by the Thule secret society ? Top ranking NS leaders allegedly were members of the Thule society. <br>Their rivals were the freemasons and they practiced Helena Blavatsky teachings.

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Flew 2 months ago

History taught in public schools is a pack of lies agreed upon and written by the winners. I would mention the fact that Hitler intentionally gave his troops orders to halt and not seize upon the helpless English and French army who were attempting to flee at Dunkirk. Had Hitler wanted to destroy England he could have marched them all to Germany and or slaughtered them all. Fact is countless peace offers were rejected and Churchill himself was asked by a reporter "Would there ever be any chance at peace with Hitler's Germany?" And Churchill was quoted as saying "No chance ever, Hitler would agree immediately."

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