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Asphyxiation Tent Essay

Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In Sports


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TheArtZDude 16 days ago

Thanks for all the interesting stuff you write Rambetter. I always look forward to listening to new perspectives. I just worry about you when you throw out there the idea into the universe that someone should kill you. That's just not cool. Satan would be absolutely delighted if someone would kill you. Why give him what he wants? Why don't you instead pray to God Yahweh to please give you a sense of "peace" in spite of all the crazy bulls*** happening in the world & to please protect your health & finances & freedom & don't forget to thank Him for all the positive things in your life too every day. As Fritz Springmeier said in one of his lectures, the # 1 goal of the illuminatti is to kill off as much of the population as possible. As long as you can stay alive you remain a thorn in their & satan's craw & a continued irritant to them. You should glean a lot of satisfaction from that. This end times stuff is supposed to happen, even though it sucks, & is waayyy bigger than you & I. Also, taking into consideration your current lifestyle & the country you live in, I disagree with MoreBach. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way you look. I like your tattered straw hat too. If you were working in corporate America in NYC for example, that look would probably not help you, but you're not. So screw anyone who has an issue with the way you currently look is what I say.

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rambetter 15 days ago

Yeah, MoreBach is my father or perhaps is someone else from my birth family. It's the same abuse from that person that I've had to endure throughout my life.

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MoreBach 18 days ago

The likely reason that people you explain your situation to start shaking is because they’re afraid of you. With your unkempt appearance and weird behavior (singing or explaining your predicament to strangers), you present a very unstable, threatening situation. The people are afraid you may start some sort of violent behavior such as attacking them. You may think you know the “truth”, but others have their own truth and are obviously uncomfortable with your “in your face” sermons. Chill out before you get locked up in jail or a Mexican mental institution. Think of other, more clever methods of continuing your mission, i.e., of helping society cure itself.

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