Published on 28 Jun 2022 / In Music

I put this video together because I was needing some pictures of myself. My family were saying they wanted some pictures of me. In 2011 I was at USP Coleman 1 Federal Prison and the SIS Lieutenant named Mr. Kjander stole 4 family photo albums from me and they contained all of the pictures of my life and family going back over a hundred years. He stole all of my personal property because a Search had found that I was keeping evidence against the names of many Federal Officers that were bringing illegal drugs into the prisons, distributing them through certain inmates to cause division between the races. Federal Officers all sign Nondisclosure Agreements which by law, allow them to get away with any crime against prisoners. I had to begin making new pictures when I got out of prison and so, the things I value most are family, dogs, Rivers, Trees, and cats. My home is pictured in this video, a small green house at the end of the video. The song is performed by Esther O'farim, a woman of Israel with a beautiful voice. The Akita's are dogs I had been raising from before being sent to Federal Prison. My conviction was Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and I served 15 calendar years. I have been out since March 2017 and if I look at that and think that I was only out for 5 years and 11 months the time before this then I know that in this Jew world the police are the greatest enemy of the White Race.

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