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Atlantic Jihad: The Untold History of White Slavery [2003 documentary by Thorsteinn Helgason]

Published on 06 May 2022 / In Documentaries
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ARYAN VIKING 2 days ago

Northern mythologies tell that the first raiders to come into their lands were Asiatic and the Vikings annihilated every one of them on the battlefield. The second invasion was an Arabic prince who saw his army die one by one because they couldn't survive the cold or feed themselves. He cannibalized his own men to stay alive but when the Vikings found him he was near death. They took him in, nursed him till he was back to health and learned his language and culture during this time. They laughed at the Prince when he told them his people do not bathe except to splash water in their faces and blow their noses in it. They mocked him in good fun. Vikings called Saturdays, Njordsdag, meaning Bath Day after the god of the sea, Njord. When the Prince was well they took him by horseback as far as they could, back to his own homelands. When the slavers came they beheaded those who would not convert to Christianity. Charlemagne was one of the main slavers and he led the largest armies, taking slaves and destroying the culture, forcing conversions. In this the Vikings say they had to create stories to carry forward into the future so that others would know the truth of who they were. Many Scandinavians fled to Russia to get away from the slavers and there they were called "Rus".

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JWCS45 2 months ago

fucking filth....

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