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Australia's Government has officially suppressed documents implicating high ranking officials for 90 years - they are complicit in harbouring Pedos

Published on 31 Aug 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

Australia's High Ranking Pedo's - Charities, Judges, Churches -

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TeeTee 15 days ago

One of the adult daughters of former Oz PM, Paul Keating, was photographed leaving Epstein's NY apartment. There are strong rumours that Keating is a pedophile:

I have MANY other bookmarked links which have since been scrubbed from the internet. Pedo scum don't like being exposed ike the vermin they truly are!

Beaumont Children Testimony by Andrew McIntyre:

Rachel Vaughan’s testimony:


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darkmatter 17 days ago

what came of this : Wood Royal Commission
In 2015, Heffernan used parliamentary privilege to allege that he had a document, allegedly produced to the Wood Royal Commission, that listed the names of 28 people, including prominent lawyers, suspected of visiting a "boy brothel" in Kings Cross.He stated in parliament that a former Prime Minister was among the names.

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Duck 17 days ago

dirty rotten cunts, what the fuck is wrong with the fucking world, un fucking believable, they got em and they blocked it. these fucking pedo cunts, these transgender fuck wits. this is an epidemic and men shouldnt take orders from pedo cunts full fucking stop. get your country back australia. these pedo will be shitting after a few hits to the head and when they see there own blood thats when these egotistic cunts will realise they need to fuck off.

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Wicked01 18 days ago

Hunchback danny bet is on that fkin list of low life evil cunts....that should be exposed & jailed for life with any form of punishment approved....Once that line is x there is no rehab....No redemption....No coming back, pure evil.

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GHREM 18 days ago

Not pedo related (Sorry to bring this up here on your post Hocus). I thought I'd wake up to Truckers taking over Australia...was it just a big fart in the wind? Does anyone know?

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Duck 17 days ago

there is a brilliant Australian female called Pauline Hanson, she is in politics, and she is good, she attended and in support of the truckies. What you may not be aware of is I think it was google gave the australian pedo fucking cunt government, these shit bag cunts around $1billion to shut people up on social media. So if your in to social media and your doing big protest use alternative social media. And fuck those cunts in government in australia, disgusting cunts, most likely satanist blood drinking trans gender cunts. And a lady called Fiona Barnett exposed all these filthy fucking animals, these new nigga cunts in west politics.

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Duck 17 days ago

Here is the evidence to what I was saying

All information about this blockade has been heavily censored on all platforms except GAB.

thanks to these fucking cunts HERE:

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