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Australian Gov "...your LAST CHANCE to take our Satan-Piss death-shot, Internment Camp for refusers"

Published on 21 Oct 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Allophylian 1 month ago

Look at the man bun faggot. Fuck off 3 necked jewess. We're gonna shit down your throat
and you'll think it's fine dining

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ARYAN VIKING 1 month ago

I think that we are all looking at Australia and feeling for those people living there as we would our own families. We know we cannot do anything to help them when the police in our own nations are so thoroughly an army of gunmen in service to the Jews that we know the threat hangs over us the same. We have nowhere to go and when the police arrive in the middle of the night you know you will never see that family again.

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WhiteNight 2 months ago

well, ONLY America thanks to the Holly 2nd have anything to say and to do, The Holly 2nd is a guarantee of their own freedom

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

Locals should destroy the place before it can be built. They just need a distraction/diversion for the authorities while patriots quickly go to work demolishing this criminal concentration camp. They may need to sabotage the electricity and plumbing - everything to set back construction and possibly abandon the project once the entire nation sees the first video of a gulag in flames.

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Trivium_Supremacy 19 days ago

And throw all the fuckers working there in the fire! And that cunt Palaszczuk! Make an example of her and livestream it.
These fuckers need to die now. Common law Nuremberg trial cannot happen after this eugenics/depopulation operation IN THE INTERNET INFORMATION AGE. They need to be lynched, burned or given 20 doses of their own fucking medicine as it's so safe and effective! They cannot be deported, incarcerated or sacked. All those verdicts do FUCK ALL TO STOP THEM!

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