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Australian MP Bernie Finn Reads Worksheet given to their 10-year-old Daughter at School.

Published on 08 Apr 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi
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iakg 3 months ago

no point asking the minister for education because he probably gets off on all of this. sue the school for indecency & name the teacher in the lawsuit.

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Jailer 6 months ago

Whites biggest problem, is we expect everyone to have the same ability to reason from anothers perspective. Probably our biggest failing. We can put ourselves in anothers shoes, and see their world view. But as a whole are unable to realize that is unique to us.

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bluesinaminor 6 months ago

How about immediately firing the dysfunctional pedophile who psychotically imagined such a wildly inappropriate assignment.

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1933HWR1945 6 months ago

That isn't even the worst of what kids are taught these days. Take your kids out of public schools.

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pater409 6 months ago

Everyone responsible for this abomination should be brutally punished. The teacher should have several bones and their back broken with a lead pipe, and the administrators who designed and approved the curriculum that promotes this filth and perversion should be tortured with shocks from jumper cables attached to their nipples and genitals, then be impaled on a meat hook and left to slowly die and rot. The JEW FAGGOT COWARD is promoting this perversion and will pay the bloodiest, most painful price of all for this abuse and corruption of children. The stinking, unwashed KIKE swine believes it is untouchable, but will suffer agony such that it will curse having ever been born. When this comes to pass, the entire world will celebrate.

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