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Australian Nurse Shares the true horror stories about the jab adverse effects

Published on 04 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics

Brave women (nurse Australia) brings the truth about adverse effects from pharmy jabs, scumbag POS your on notice, international military tribunals ramping up, Nuremberg Code for Crimes Against Humanity

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iakg 1 year ago

the Australian govt is controlled & operated by the u*n. the u*n is owned, controlled & financed thru discreet donors we know as the elites, the rockerfellers, the carnegies, the duponts, the bankers & the rest of the menagerie that makes up the 1% of the richest 1% in the world. these are the cabal along with royalty that is destroying the western middle class, bankrupting business to buy up at pennies on the dollar, murdering (depopulating) us with lethal injections for a fake virus & now targeting our children for the same. our bodies are their spare body parts & our children's blood will be their currency as it has always been with them. our politicians are corrupt and a menace as always to our societies but now that they have the technology they can decimate & replace us with foreign invaders who will do exactly as ordered. welcome to satans' world brought to you by the u*n/NWO demons..

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JesusPaidForAll 1 year ago

True indeed.

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