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Australian right-wing politician, Craig Kelly got egged today. Egger told him he was an anti-semite and to stop hanging out with Nazis, meaning Avi Yemeni (the jew) who was interviewing him - LOL! Very confusing.

Published on 08 Apr 2022 / In News & Politics

I'm as confused about this as she is.

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rightwingtomboy 3 months ago

It’s always a fat Karen isn’t it?

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momento 3 months ago

Pretty much. They are mental and emotional retards and need help.

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livingman 4 months ago

not only useless but embarrassing as well. why did we ever let them out of the kitchen.

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momento 4 months ago

Haha...very true. The world just got a bit more nastier. This egging is supposed to be OK now. Wasn't OK when I was growing up.

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dino 6 months ago

I was going to comment on how the attacker was probably working for some intelligence service, but after reviewing the footage I conclude that this is a case of simple stupidity.

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nimblehorse 6 months ago

he did NAZI that coming

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Bill 6 months ago

He should have punched that bitch in the face

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momento 6 months ago

Or slapped her, like Will Smith did. Or better still, shoulda got his multi-billionaire boss to find out where she lives and go round to her house and kill her.

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