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Australian ZOG using Microwave Cannon & Acoustic Weapons on peaceful protesters.

Published on 18 Feb 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Red Ice - odysee
"...the injection is for your health and if you don''t take it we will smash you over the head with our clubs and blast you with microwave radiation"

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eric_blood 4 months ago

Some of the burns look like they are caused from ionizing radiation; that's really nasty.

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eric_blood 4 months ago

Re-Post :
Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control. Informally, the weapon is also called the heat ray since it works by heating the surface of targets, such as the skin of targeted human beings.

It has been exposed way back around 2011/12 that this weapon is highly lethal. It has a regulator that can be removed & can be set to either cook you from the outside, or more heinously FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

The Weapon can be mounted on trucks & also has been seen on stands carried by soldiers.

The weapon's frequency is on par with 5G! So... It is possible to achieve the same human cooking effects with 5G towers if they are in fact in place in your area.

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DeathToJWO 4 months ago

Seriously WTF is it gonna take for people to snap and start doing what needs to be done, and start dragging traitors and the jew masters out to the streets and start hanging them from the light poles?...

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Skunky Skunk
Skunky Skunk 4 months ago

Comming to a country , state, and city near you soon! NWO JEW ELITE pieces of SHIT
they have been using LRAD for many years,, like in the prison in los angeles cali to dispurse fights.. they can point this at you and it feels like your skin is burning!!

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