Average Indo-European Ancestry in Modern Groups

Trey Xanthean
Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In White Pill

i do not own copyright to this video, just sharing because i find it facinating... ⁣.Gif courtesy of Michael the Great Prince!!! Heil My Wonderful European Aryan Folk!!! \O \O \O

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Thanks- I like the separate nations critique the race , not destroying thru vast mixing under a monolithic universal homogeneous plan for mutual destruction and ultimately enslavement under a Talmudic oligarchy.
Shame to lose these distinct nations who share a common genetic relationship.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Hello Trey - we spoke on WT
Washed Up
I’m glad Worldtruth Video is back and your channel.

Western Civilization Library is back too

Maybe Gott Mit Uns- after all

The world reserve currency exchange
This is big
As all nations buy us petrodollars to trade
Will be replaced with
Russia China crypto currency exchange status
We lose their profit and pay the briks nations
East Indian will have the most financial capital-
As petrodollars crash in markets
Penny on dollar
The Ukrainian war will be the catalyst
All currency changes require a blood bath

Research it
War and currency exchange
Every war has collective bargaining and peace refused until a massive death count
This time worse
The DNA- interface
DNA- nsa - frequency modulation in lock step with cell towers and real live time - trade as BLOOD MONEY - becomes obvious

The Dna in the d wave quantum computer is modeling the full spectrum dominance for the JWO

Game over
Beyond my description, I have given Jesus Christ a chance because, it’s so bad - I need a miracle to change the he trajectory of this D wave/ quantum Algorithms and World Reserve Currency Trade Exchange

Ukrain is a big deal , that smokescreen / scapegoat is the end of the west
This might take awhile as they have no opposition and can micromanage land, assets and liquidity at their convenience.

Well , anyhow - glad your back
Trying to catch up with old aquatints on here

Guten Nacht

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

great to see and speak with you again Brother! yes you are right is is bad BUT NEVER GIVE UP! Europe MUST and Will be saved out of this. we will not loose this struggle because this time it is for Our very existence and we are very close to the day we have nothing left to loose. never pick a fight with a Man that has nothing left to loose. be of Good Cheer Brother, feel the change in the current of the Folk and we will see as we STAND TOGETHER as ONE people and ONE RACE finally resisting against this system AS ONE, it WILL be destroyed. YES Gott Mit Uns!!!

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Well Said , that is the True Faith
America might be gone - if I had the money I would regress or progress back to a Baltic Sea nation.
There is a ship called a Northwestern Lite Cargo Freight Ship - made in Sweden with twin Cat engines.
I believe that’s the way to go.’
Gott Mits Uns is not a question- it’s the name of God and truth
If you get a chance to research
DNA - interface
Dr Eric Karlstrom
Goyim tv- Vasili channel

I did follow up research and that turned out to have much credibility and is linked with crypto currency/ and Ukrainian war
It’s beyond words , you’ll have to research it for yourself.
Basically/ they want or need a Rosetta Stone DNA world population to make the world reserve currency exchange crypto program work - or they would have done it years ago.
Second- they need blood sacrifice to their molech gold god.
The blood and money connections became more obvious.
Yes , Germany was right and in the way

Danke @Trey Xanthean:

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: yes i will look into this Brother. Thank you!!!

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Give it time and a few weeks , you will see it - Donald Rumsfeld- 4.6 trillion dollars missing? No - mossad interest in that and 911 ?
Scalar waves !.
You may need a new lexicon of words as it’s very esoteric and the legal implications are encoded to protect the ones doing it. You’ll get the idea
MIT university is covering their assets as is DARPA and telecommunications companies- its bad
The lingo is bad
It’s gotta be true and even worse implications.@Trey Xanthean:

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: well i have tried to search it but nothing is coming up on Gtv like that. you would not have a link would you? sorry to ask but not finding anything but some really old vid of Dr. Karlstroms

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

@Trey Xanthean: oh well yes i have known about this stuff since 2005... the "total information awareness network"(darpa) the brain chips the u.s. army says they will have implanted by 2025 in everyone. the "internet of things'. the "hive mind" . avatars that have all 5 sensory perceptions interfaced with your body, manufacturing and service will have no humans but will have android avatars doing the work instead. the 4th industrial "revolution" as a giant leap "forward" into a literal matrix "over watched" by AI that is said to already be sentient etc.. sure they have been giving us glimpses into this for 40 years through their favorite medium "science fiction"... "the MEDIUM IS the MESSAGE". goes back further than that even with 1950's sci-fi books which i read as a boy. yes it is a horrendous, wicked and insidious plan the jews have. i would like to share a bit of song lyrics with you from 1984 Brother. one of my all time favorite songs. yes i understand what we face all too well. STAND STRONG and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: Queensrÿche - song NM156 from the album The Warning
NM 156 Lyrics
Machines have no conscience

Uniform printout reads
"End of line"
Protect code intact leaves
Little time
Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed
My hands shake, my push buttons silence
The outside crowd

One world government has outlawed war among nations
Now social control requires population termination
Have we come too far to turn around
Does emotion hold the key
Is logic just a synonym for this savagery
Disguised in forgotten lost memory

Microchip logic
Have we no more thoughts
"Is this wrong" I enter
Answers sought
Punch, punch, punch
Transfer this data into code
Wide eyes watch
My number 156 is shown

Created from past life to perform illicit function
I fail this conscious madness
I man/machine imperfection

Have we come too far to turn around
Does emotion hold the key
Is logic just a synonym for this savagery
Disguised in forgotten lost memory

Have we come too far to turn around
Does emotion hold the key
Is logic just a synonym for this savagery
Disguised in forgotten lost memory

End of line
End of line
End of line...

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Thank You , I apologize as we where disconnected from on line service during our last communication -
That DNA interface is what the lyrics of the song are about
Dr Eric Karlstrom name’s mossad and 4.6 TRILLION DOLLARS missing during siverstiiens 4.6 billion - 911 double indemnity - those where separate meant to seems the same Rumsfeld used to find spy net -
One trillion is 1 billion billions
DARPA , Mit and telecommunications got most the money
Imagine what they did and are doing ?’
Petrodollars- world’s reserve based on oil
Crypto based on DNA - blood
As all wars and all currency changes are congruent all peace negotiations are refused until a death count is achieved.
I researched this fact - blood money
I suspect that the covenant power between Jacob Israel and king Solomon is still the one and only legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction on earth and it requires blood sacrifice- that’s why Jews have the power and we lose and lose
Jesus Christ said - don’t you know you where bought with a price
They refused Jesus blood , so get blood through war
It gets worse , every country nation and race let’s Jews into their nation to collect taxes at first , then get loans then Usery then becomes their hired mercenaries
These are all facts I found through history- not my opinion- even in Asian nations and markets - why ?
What POWER , can make people turn on their own for this foreign god - this abomination and kill their own kind to serve Jews ?
Are they really Jews as in Judah at all ?
I can get into this mud flood and alt history/ however- I’m staying with official narrative of keeping it simple
What the fuck is going on ?’
Certainly Germany was correct and she got the shit beat out of her
Did ((( they ))) always have scalar weapons- Dew -? John Dee ?
Ability to use DNA - to create powerful mind control ?
How long has this been going on?
Back engineering? Not innovation, they are too stupid and lazy to innovate or invent - I. Found them to be obtuse thugs with very narrow and narcissistic minded, shallow and psychophantic people. It’s worth looking at the situation from this back engineering perspective- maybe I can win some sort of reprieve?@Trey Xanthean:

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

@Trey Xanthean: get the fuck outta here -QWEENSRIECH , that was cool stuff back in the 80s - I never could slow down the cassettes
Wow - I was listening to what was going on and didn’t know it

RJ Dio turn d out to be a kike - I wonder now what he was singing about- probably wasn’t what I thought
Holy Diver and - probably all Talmudic Jews getting over on their slave goys
Gene simons turned out like that

Tesla was good
Iron Maiden and Danzig , Scorps
I got all that
I don’t listen, makes me depressed about how it all went bad
Everyone is dead , cars are gone and immigration has taken all the homes and businesses
Cops are all paid free masons mercenaries for nwo
Holy fuck , just go try to start a barrel party , they will definitely shoot everyone and impound all vehicles nowadays

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: yes i agree they are far too lazy to innovate anything. back engineering would make more sense. yes the blood sacrifice angel is spot on. NO! there are NO "jews" in Judah... different people all together. yep RJD a jew, Stanley and Simmons jews... idk about Dio seems he was a bit more even handed than the others but i could be wrong. still had a few great lyrical outings. kiss always sucked lol... could be they have always had access to certain tech but did not understand it fully or use it fully. now with the cern bottomless pit opened they can better understand it and use it. however keep in mind God said "no weapon formed against you shall prosper". yes i suppose the days of large parties for the Folk not in the club is over...

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