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Babies lives don't matter-100 deaths a year- still not recalled (black baby tortured and mutilated)

Published on 10 Jan 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

Routine infant circumcision is undoubtedly an ancient form of social engineering and trauma based mind control. When a part of your body is severely damaged or amputated, the brain restructures itself to compensate for this. The younger you are, the greater the neuronal adaptation. Routine infant circumcision causes permanent changes to the brain, specifically in the emotional center, the limbic system. I will repeat this: circumcision trauma causes psychological imprinting of fear emotions into the limbic system. It creates a “psychic wound” with repressed feelings of “not feeling whole” which in turn effect motivation and self-esteem later in life among many other aspects. It also interferes with the post-natal bonding of infant and mother. And lastly reduces optimal sexual pleasure and connections with future partners(if you want to control a population you begin by controlling their sexual appetites).

Did you pick up on the pattern here?

RIC is a dark occult blood ritual sacrifice of the goddess in infant males whose purpose is to sever their connection with Self and thus the Divine. It alters your connection with the sacred feminine component of the brain(the very same component of the brain in which ALL occult initiations are based upon tapping into). It alters your connection to your own emotions. It alters the capacity in which you express your Care in this world. It damages your connection to your own mother. It alters future intimate relationships with women. Is it no wonder so many men in our culture have a hard time expressing their emotions or are outright mysoginists? This obvious Natural Law transgression MUST end if we want to lift up the consciousness of the world and liberate it from slavery.

Justifying forced genital modifications for male minors while criminalizing it for females, denies males the human right to enjoy their body in its entirety, as well as the right to equal protections under the law.

*Upon reaching adulthood, males in the United States who were born after 1997 & circumcised without their consent can sue their parents and the doctor who performed the procedure.

*Attempting to silence females who speak out on the issue is a misogynistic & disingenuous copout as the violation of people’s human rights & bodily integrity is NOT a gender specific issue.

*I would like to make it clear, that I am not looking to shame circumcised men, or parents that have circumcised their children under the belief that they were doing what was best for them.

*People have been lied to for generations over this, & many other topics. I’m trying to help share educational material with people, & help break the cycle.

The Penis - Sex Education 101

Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

Howard Stern interviews TLC Tugger founder Ron Low

Neonatal Circumcision [A video for heathcare professionals]

Things to Know

George Denniston, M.D., M.P.H. on Circumcision

Dr. Christopher Fletcher Denounces Circumcision of Children

Ronald Goldman testifies on circumcision trauma

Gerald Wald - Circumcision
The case against circumcision
~ George Hill Vice-President for
Bioethics and Medical Science
for Doctors Opposing Circumcision…..../The_Case_Against_Ci

The foreskin: Why is it such a secret in North America?

Unspoken Aspects of having a Foreskin

A short history of circumcision in the United States: Part 1

The masturbation taboo and the rise of routine male circumcision

50 Reasons to Leave It Alone


Circ info - Quranic Path

Judaism Circ Resources

Beyond the Bris

Those who are having their foreskins forcibly removed are having their human rights to bodily integrity & equal protections under the law violated, & therefore are prohibited from being able to exercise their right to auto-determination - due only to their gender.

Boys and girls alike: The ethics of male and female “circumcision”

NOCIRC Amicus Curiae Brief


Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity
Policy Statement Ch10

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Cutting off part of a helpless person’s body to suit our preferences would obviously be wrong for anything else - but people have blinders on whenever our present institutions tell them something is beneficial.

Do we view forced mutilation (proper terminology - not shaming) as a method of hygiene for any other body part?

First, do no harm & if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Re-framing the mutilation of an infant as a parental rights issue is disingenuous, & completely overlooks the fact that the baby is a human being with rights of their own.

Parental rights, do not grant the authority to take unnecessary liberties with another’s body or sexuality - such as forcing risky, potentially lethal procedures - violating, mutilating, & removing an important, integral part of their sexual anatomy - permanently altering & impeding its natural functions.

Human Rights

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