Back in America!

Published on 08 Dec 2020 / In Entertainment

30 July, 2020 -
My first time setting foot in America in 6 Years!!
Here I am documenting my first days of my new life, trying to set out in Yahweh’s name.
The final end goal is to get a house in Montana, find a good wife & have kids to live in Yahweh’s name. So this is just the Very First Steps of what is a big adventure and new direction.
On this day I am still winging it and focusing on the day-to-day. At this point today I am much further along in the plan… but you will see it all play out as I evolve and aim to live a more clean life, free from the Devil-Jew’s influence.
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Which country are you coming from?

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Unchained 9 months ago

I was born & raised in America. But if you watch the previous videos, it's called "Escape From Philippines."

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PAH4RMP 1 year ago

David Lee Roth is a jooo

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Unchained 1 year ago

I use (((their))) own weapons against (((them))).

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