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Banjo Billy - 'Why is The Holocaust So Unpopular?'

Published on 27 Jul 2022 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

A short essay by Banjo Billy.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

Because it’s a lie
To deceive the masses about ww1&ww2
Marxism to central banking
100 million white European people dead holodomore.
It was always illogical
Now that the truth is out about how Germany tried to save the war victims as they themselves where being carpet bombed and from both sides.

I think the big obstacle we face is that not all Jews are Jews
Hebrew Israelites and repented Sadducee are not
Kazzars Kabbalist
Our ignorance is used against us
Herztle knew this would happen and used it

As many as I did , pick on blame Jews without knowing that, only Jesus Christ can discern these people Not me
It’s a trap , to try
Ignorance and deception on both sides
The Jews killed the prophets and Christ
The Hebrew Israelites know and seem to along for the ride
They want us to group them together as gods judgment will be against us.

Deep psychological warfare
The Germans would have needed another few years to figure this out / hence ALL-lied forces had to work fast.

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Iluvhitler70 5 months ago

Oh but there will be a holocaust. These jews will burn in hell's ovens for eternity.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

That’s true

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