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Bankers of the World: UNITE!

Published on 04 Sep 2022 / In Money / Banking / Federal Reserve

⁣...the Bankers are starting to freak out...
Sorry for the mumbling guy in the background; im not sure who that is

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happyapple4 6 months ago

Great and truthful video. Too many people with their heads in the sand out there. But we try. More waking up from the archon drug.

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pastprovespresent 9 months ago

Yes, something major is going on. During the whole convid operation, half the banks in my area were shut down. That means there a fewer ATM machines. It goes deeper, as I just noticed on my bank, one of the big four, is reducing thier hours and says as of Sept 15th, you will need an appointment. Even the hours with appointment are only about two hours. I haven't checked if it's all of them, but it's odd. The timing is in line with this Vatican money shuffle too.

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