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Barbara Marciniak Bringers of the Dawn, part 1 "A must for anyone who has ever felt like an old soul"

Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Written by Barbara Marciniak (The Pleiadians) and published in 1992.

Listen to this audio-book and by the end, you will have the tools to be on your way to powers and abilities you can't even imagine possible.You will start to learn how to use the orgasm for your own spiritual growth and all other desires.

If you want to make everyday magical, if you're ready to start exploring your soul's truth.

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Stop5G 2 months ago

The Pleiadians were the Angels of the Bible & the Angels of Chapter 6. They are a wonderful race, but certainly not infallible. If they show up in bling like you might see on a soldier with no smile. RUN. If they are smiling. Smile back.

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