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Barend Hendrik Strydom: The White Wolf.

Published on 12 Jul 2022 / In Interesting

A hero, a warrior, a savior; these words perfectly describe Saint Strydom who on the 15th of November 1988 performed holy terror upon the kaffirs of South Africa, snuffing out 8 of them & injuring 16 others with his Vektor Z88. After a few years of imprisonment during his life sentence, he was released in 1992 along with 150 political prisoners and was granted amnesty in 1994 by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the grounds that his attack was politically motivated.

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NativeNomad 9 months ago

He looks like a kike..

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Fryer 9 months ago

Hy het maar ook n kike uitgedraai!!! He was a psychopath!!! a uneducated cunt that sucked on biskop tutu’s balls at the TRC... only way they got granted amnesty was to recognize he was racist at the time but then same time he had to denounce his beliefs and say he will kiss black ass

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