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Published on 27 Jul 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣British Jews, Churchill, and the Second World War
There were embarrassed coughs when the organizing secretary of the ANC, A.H. Richards, inquired where the money for all this was to come from; Mr. Churchill appeared angry at the question. Richards was taken aside and asked to announce simply that all their requirements had already been met.
Funds had been arranged two days earlier at a private dinner in North London, hosted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. It’s Vice-President, Sir Robert Waley Cohen, chairman of British Shell, was a charismatic Zionist extrovert who would become, in the words of his authorized biographer, Robert Henriques, the ‘veritable dynamic force of Focus.’

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LouisMarschalko 2 months ago

In Le Havre, we'd been given booklets warning us that the German soldiers had maintained a high standard of behavior with French civilians who were peaceful, and that we should do the same. In this we failed miserably.

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