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BBC Panorama - The War Party (jewish neocons Behind Bush, Iraq, 9/11)

Published on 28 Jun 2022 / In Jewish Question


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klex 4 months ago

god it makes me sick hearing them reference shoah. still waiting for forensic evidence of that.

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.45ACP 5 months ago

Now Europe purchases oil from Israel who has it piped in from Iraq!

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san_nicola 5 months ago

That Jew doesn't live in our world.
How can she say that banning abortions, is the same as treating someone
like a number, while she and the likes of her, treat everyone like numbers ?

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happyapple4 5 months ago

Tranny man. How would the feminists like it to find out that a man decided on Roe vs. Wade? That is why they put him there on the SC-so women would think 'abortion musn't be so bad there's a woman on the court! And Roe in Roe vs. Wade was forced into the case by two Jew lawyers.

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