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Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


check out uncensoredtruth for more boon comps!

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Charles_Martel 1 month ago

Can I get a burguer? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Charles_Martel 1 month ago

They are actually worst than apes.

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

We see this as disgusting, but I see it as a TOOL to open the eyes of the blind. This video alone would do WONDERS in the argument of the "benefits of diversity.....Every visitor should post this link to family, friends, associates, with the question "How is diversity a strength" and reminding them that sooner or later, if nothing is done, this dark tide will wash over us, and there will be no compassion, or mercy. There never is with the negro.

Look...There is a REASON every story like this is blocked, silenced, and banned from social media. THIS is what people need to be made aware of to change perpectives and turn this insanity around, while demonizing ANYONE evil enough to still support these niggers after seeing it. The Jew know this could undo all they have done in warping our peoples perspective. Its why they use heavy handed censorship, or took down Colin Flaherty, Richard Gladden, and the fantastic site "Eggplant shines".

To win this war (and make no mistake, we ARE at war, albeit at this time its more psychological then conventional) we MUST show people what the Jew dont want them to see, and we must do what the Jew fear us doing. We must get around these damned gatekeepers!

EVERY ONE OF YOU are more important then you have been led to believe. They want you black pilled, beated, broken, or WORSE, so angry that you lash out, because make no mistake, no matter how justified you are, the Jew WILL use this against you. I should know. My own daughter was kidnapped and taken to the woods from her bus stop by these savages in 1996, and nearly beaten to death, while our neighbors daughter didnt survive the ordeal. They were only 10 and 11. The nigger that did it, was one my wife and I felt sorry for and helped get him a job where I worked because he, his girlfriend and two kids were living at a campground I took my kids fishing at.

The price for my awakening was far too high. But if I can help make it so that no one else has to lose loved ones just to see what I see, I will do all I can.

But ONE or TWO of us are not going to do much. We need to not only show people and work at changing the perspectives of our nations (Yes, I am talking to you too brothers and sisters in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and elsewhere) we ALL need to not only do what we can, but enlist those we awaken to do the same.

A few years ago, we had a momentum building, and there were some fantastic content creators making resources THIS GOOD, and we were finally starting to reach people. That is when they put their puppet Trump up while simultaneously bringing the censorship hammer down. And the truth was spreading like a wildfire. It scared the Jew, and so they have accellerated their plans, but in doing so pushed TO much too fast, and have managed to piss of MANY white people with CRT, as well as their pet niggers murdering small innocent white children. My computer was hacked, and so I stopped talking to alot of my online associates for fear the same might happen to them. Of course, I never do anything, or advise anything that is illegal, but I was worried they may have made statements that could get them in trouble so I went silent for a couple years and stopped responding to them. But with so many angry white people demanding questions, it is time! Time for all of us to be busy giving them the answers they seek. We have truth on our side, and anything we did at THIS point would be justified in comparison to the ocean of white blood that has been spilt!

Each one of you is a vanguard against this Jewish agenda and their savage hordes. You are NOT helpless. You are not cornered or inneffective. You are the heirs to the greatest strategists, inventors, conquerors, nation builders, and philosophers that have existed and more then that, you are the covenant people of God.

We can win this I KNOW we can. But we MUST do our parts, and we must do so without giving them a reason to arrest or accuse us. We need to put our minds together, and we must vet out EVERY Jew who tries to slither in. No decent person could know what their is to know, and still side with these wretched Jew and their shills.

Just put this all into serious consideration, and stand for you racial family!

This isnt about "racism". This isnt about "supremacy". This is about survival!

God bless, protect, and strengthen you all!

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Suzy3 3 months ago

The monkeys wonder why we "love" em ....
So freaking sick of this godamn world we live in...
Thanks Yids!!

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acdc65 3 months ago

This is all disgusting, sad and disturbing.😮🤤

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WhiteNight 3 months ago

beauty is in the eyes of beholder....I guess LOL

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