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Benjamin Freedman Warns America About The Talmudic Jews In 1961

Published on 18 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Benjamin Freedman Warns America About The Talmudic Jews In 1961

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Cattrap50 2 months ago (edited)

It’s odd that a Jew would be exposing the truth of his own people. I don’t know if jews kill their own kind, whom speak out against them. But still, even if they are anti zionist. They would still likely buy the holohaux still. I would want to promise myself not to trust either one, even if they are anti Israel.

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mikaowx3 2 months ago

You are exactly right and I am assuring you BF was a high level freemason too. Theodore Herzl wrote that the goy masons will never be able to comprehend what is freemasonry's end goal. They are telling you secrets everyone who is interested already knows. People are feeling better when they hear it from the horse's mouth. Once BF gains the trust of his audience he inserts their jewish/masonic agenda.
I have been listening to Benjamin Freedman in the past. BF was a massive freemasonic jew, a smooth operator, one who most of the time played the honest jew. He was no doubt a clever one. He have deceived many. This smart fella made ppl swallow things in his speeches he had absolutely no bases to.
The moral of the story is; Every jew is a jew. There are no good jew and bad jew. This is what comes from christianity. Jesus is the good jew. Not all jews are bad. Christianity is there to acclimatize ppl to to judaism. If you start to closely examine the gospels you realize Jesus (whoever wrote the character in Jesus's name) is a racist, talmudic jew. They followed the "oral torah" which later became the talmud. It teaches them to avoid and ignore gentiles, the talmud prohibits the healing of non jews, helping non jews. What did JC and his disciples do when a canaanite woman approached them? Ignored her. Then JC called that woman a dog compared to the children of israel and he only addressed her when she kept weeping about her daughter. Which is a promise to the jews in their books that "every nation and people should bow down to them and lick the dust of their feet". He freed possessed jews of unclean spirits then sent them into a herd of pigs which then were chased down the hillside. Rabbinical sources associate non jews with, dogs, cattle, pigs etc. This example is the replay of the yom kippur scapegoat ritual. It's real interpretation hides the fact that they transfer all the "sins" of the tribe on the head of that goat then chase that goat out into the wilderness; which is associated with the lands of non jews, then that goat is thrown off a cliff. The goat also represents Esau, in their interpreations the gentiles. However the scapegoat was addressed to samael, the prince of the gentiles with all the sins of the jews put on it and when samael consumes the goat samael becomes contaminated thus weaker. In exchange for the bribe he stoppes accusing the jews of their sins; instead he turns against the gentiles accusing them of the sins of the jews. This can be seen in christian churches. The ones who are payed off are on the side of the jews worshipping them while continue to accuse the germans for the holocaust that never happened the way jews want to make us believe and the truth is they are accusing them for the very thing they wanted to do to them germans and germany long before the wars.

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

Benjamin Freedman tells you exactly the way our nations are controlled. It is just amazing to me that there has been none of our military to go in and destroy this Jewish Regime we live beneath. They could do it real easy by simply stopping the issue of Rothschild's money from the banks so why do they not do this?

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