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Beware Of The Jewish Parasite

Captain Ron
Published on 20 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

they live off the gentile

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DARRYL DUNCAN 1 month ago

I am all for having their existence removed from this earth once and for all. They are the most evil group of people in the world and are now our District Attorneys, Judges, police officers, and all the way up. Do people ever think of how many of us Whites the police hunt down, shoot at, rob, imprison on false charges and are convicted without proof of guilt? These people are sitting in every position of authority and simply doing everything to end the White race. They are far too numerous for anyone to think they can do anything. If our military would step in all they would need to do to end this tyranny is to stop the banks from issuing Jewish-created money.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

They say they are jews, and they are jews.
What they "are not", is "Judaeans", ie the descendants of the children of israel.
The jew is a mongrel race, descending not from Jacob, but from Ishmael, Esau, and the Khazar.
The children of their father, the devil.

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