Bible Banning, (Mark Dice Video) My Thoughts, Apr 13, 2022

Published on 13 Apr 2022 / In Censorship

⁣It's all about the Jews TARGETING IN the BIBLE and those who worship Jesus Christ and controlling the narrative. ALSO the negative view of the jew throughout, especially at the crucifixion.

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concretepigeon 1 month ago

We have African Christians flooding into the UK, a Zionist every one.
I've read their highlit passages..... its worship the Jew.
The Synagogue of Satan seems to be a, non feature for them.

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TSOSWBEX77 1 month ago

Famous motto of all fake ass jews : ""IF IT ISN'T THERE - WE WILL MAKE IT ALL UP""

The holohoax happened ; the holocaust didn't !!

Those fake ass jews can take their land of f....g make believe and shove it up their asses !!!

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AntijewKing 1 month ago (edited)

The stinkin 🐀 is coming for all of us, regardless.... How Right You Are @JimRizoli (((THEY))) needed to be exterminated from the face of the Earth...!!

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Pete Wolfschanze
Pete Wolfschanze 1 month ago

Many people are not anti Bible, it's that they just don't care and see the Bible as something that doesnt affect them in daily life. In general, many people will only concern themselves about things that are relevant to their lives until the boot is literally on their throat.

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AntijewKing 1 month ago (edited)

Yep! BOOTS on the necks!!

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