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Jeffrey Daugherty
Published on 08 Jan 2023 / In Bible / Sermons

If the bible itself says it, will you believe it?

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BasedAndAwake 29 days ago

This video won't play. There is nothing European about the bible it is a semite book engineered from otherwise good hebrew prophet jesus (who the kikes rejected being the jerks they are) and then twisted by fake apostle "St Paul" (Saul persecutor of original jews turned christian) and used as cuck tool for taking over Europe and the downfall of Rome. No! These are European books for white men not that.
Plato Complete: http://library.lol/main/B670E9........AEA7C9F52B2D40D6

Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics: http://libgen.rocks/get.php?md........5=3dd2b5d3979097

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Oxford Univ Press): http://library.lol/main/4C1886........C0C8DD94A7B53379

A Loeb Classical Library Reader (A selection of excerpts from 35 classic works): https://libgen.rocks/ads.php?m........d5=c323b5e11f738

Loeb Classical Library List (Harvard University Press): https://www.hup.harvard.edu/co........llection.php?cpk

The Colchester Collection on Race: http://colchestercollection.com/subjects/race.html

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 5 days ago

Yet , even you in your own words don’t fully deny Jesus Christ, that’s very profound.
Why not just say Fuck Him too ?
Because, there is something more to Jesus Christ than a jew shit storm made up for Goyim or to take Europe down into hell under mud race cock suckers.
I think Jesus Christ is who he said he is and if someone didn’t get that epithelial realization- they must be dead already.
However- your comment is correct as Jews simply take the leadership role in any organization thru their many tactics including money and influence thru extortion and vices.
I put any blame upon those wise councilors who are knowingly involved in selling European property, nations , individuals, and industries to the shit skin Cast System thru Jews parleying their schemes in convenient easy to access ways such as Grants with stipulations/ 501c3 churches .
I believe that Germany and Vatican fought this and lost
Was Christianty alseays a way to leverage jew power in Europe by undermining the natural faith of Northern European nations—- I asked this of Jesus Christ-
You can ask him yourself
Let me know what he tells you
As if he doesn’t exist or isn’t a living entity.
Maybe- it’s what we make of it ?

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 5 days ago

Thanks for the Links
Great stuff
Too much to list

I think we are slaves to the Jews directly right now
The Jews are selling us - or at least the non free mason- lower white population to High- East Indian Chinese and Asians as they will be the winners when petrodollars collapse and Briks nations crypto is established after Ukrainian ports fall - Chinese navy will get Mediterranean Sea / Suez Canal - Saudi and Japan will go Briks
Wall st crashes
Banks call in notes
Briks nations buy up USA assets Pennie’s on dollar
From jew thru free mason to East Indian

This is not a joke or threat , it’s what is happening
The jew is selling off non performing whites to exploit and set up Asian and Indian to be next collection agency for them

I said this in 1978
But nobody thought buying American was important
Now - we will be their slaves

This video is taking forever to play
But if Jesus sets you free , then your free indeed
Deed- one and only legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction on the planet- ww2 was fought on that principle
Jews and free masons- human
Germans - outlaw beasts- criminals

Talmud Court- Supreme Court of England British FCS BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION
over DOJ and issued National Charter

Again- thanks for links

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 5 days ago

First 2 links BLOCKED
wonder why ?
Who could have done that ?
Gee whiz

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 5 days ago

Jews didn’t like 3rd one either

Thanks anyhow
I get the idea

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exposethejeugenda 3 months ago

the tribe

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