Biden Creates Task Force To Combat Anti-Semitism

Published on 18 Dec 2022 / In Money / Banking / Federal Reserve

link to the negro channel report on this👎

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FREEMRBOND1488 3 months ago

This just makes me hate Jews more

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UncleA39 3 months ago

Kanye!!! That’s why that Freemason puppet performed the anti jew psyop

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questeritorte 3 months ago

They are obviously going out of their way to make people hate the jews, and it's working.

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Scoops 3 months ago

Haters gonna hate hate

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IsraelIsChristian2 3 months ago

Watch out jews are trying to segway into a major false flag framing white christians! Given it’s jews doing this its likely now or March they will do this Christmas or Easter in America. These task forces are really anti-christian forces. Keep ready brothers

Initial attacks seem to be relating to shuting down vital infastructure to bring in martial law a coup framing white christians

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