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Biden has ordered the declassification of the FBI investigation into 9/11. But I wonder what they're going to declassify. Most likely nothing that would actually reveal the truth.

Published on 17 Sep 2021 / In 911

⁣Biden ha ordinato la declassificazione dell'indagine dell'FBI sull'11 settembre. Ma mi chiedo cosa declasseranno. Molto probabilmente nulla che possa effettivamente rivelare la verità.

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Swami_G 2 years ago

Nothing will be declassified that'jew don't want you to know... and what you don't know already. All one needs to know is that the official story is a load of bullshit in order to hide the provocateurs of perpetual war vs. a perpetual boogeyman... or proclaimed "enemy of the state". Terrorists and patriots, alike.

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Deemax 2 years ago

It's common practice for the FBI to classify nothing of any importance, whilst still supporting the driven narrative. An institution as criminally corrupt as the FBI will never reveal any kind of truth.

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