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Bitchute and the 77th Brigade British Army formation

Published on 13 Jul 2021 / In Censorship
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Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil 3 months ago (edited)

kikechute is a shithole of the ADL and the jewish organization "hope not hate" for over a year by now. it is even worse than jewtube, because "normies" who log on there, expect that it is the real deal.. the place to find the truth. everyone on this disinfo platform works directly for the jew, with exception of maybe 5-10 geo-banned channels who are still active on there like holocaust lies exposed.

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hoplitefrog 3 months ago

Why is WTV allowing users to be blocked from making comments? WTF WTV????

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So when leaders arise they can be silenced... Or I mean because of trolls, Or maybe because the posters can be "butt hurt".

I mean there is a lot of disinformation on World Truth Videos sadly but you will find that any where.

You will find politic pushers, religion pushers and even people who complain about being blocked when they deleted their accounts.

There is also a lot of good information here... Best as I have for you is if you make a statement and get blocked just realize that it is social media.

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago

Great video. I now know more about BitChute than the mystery of WTV. Vertigo Politix is who first convinced me that BitChute was "inside the 5-Eyes network" and was used to gather info on radicals and dissidents. In fact, I didn't trust BitChute as soon as I found out it was based in the UK - where internet police go to people's homes for saying the wrong thing. There is no way the totalitarian UK would allow such a large, free speech website to exist unless they were using it for their advantage.

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Wicked01 3 months ago (edited)

No different to CIA .....if it is not their creation they target popular platforms & take over/ infiltrate with many accounts....
I deleted my account on there & run it with p2p disabled, when I need to find things other sites don’t have....

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ARYAN VIKING 3 months ago

For a time the Military was having their officers imprisoned all over the Bureau of Prisons and each time it would be for sexual perversion crimes. I talked with several of these men to try to learn what was really going on. In the Federal Prisons sex crimes are the greatest taboo offense. I mean that anybody who hears that someone has even been charged with a sex crime will automatically seek to do them great bodily harm. Sex Offenders usually spend their entire imprisonment on Protective Custody simply because no one is interested in truth. All they see is RED when they even hear of someone having one of these charges. Having seen the police lie against people all my life I know that they need certain numbers of every offense met each year which goes to ratings that determine many things to do with money and paychecks. Courts need convictions to cover every offense simply because the numbers is what gets them more money. So when I saw respected men of the Armed Forces receiving Sexual Perversion charges I went at it like a detective looking to uncover a truth. One man I talked with had worked in a boiler room his entire career on a Naval vessel and retired with honors. The way he was set up was someone sent him a picture in the mail which depicted things he had no wish to see so he hit the Delete button and forgot about it. Later he received a message from someone wanting to know where they could purchase stuff like that which he had just received and being helpful he pointed them right at the website. The next day Feds kicked in his door and took his hard drive. The page he had deleted had thumbnails on it he had never even looked at but these thumbnails were the prosecutions entire case. I believe him to be sincere about this being a set up and I saw it happen to another Military man in another State years later. This person was also highly decorated and was looking forward to a retirement of rich reward for his services. The law came in and said he had something in his hard drive that he says was never there. Over time I studied several other incidents which would sound like a predator soliciting a minor only to the casual observers who never investigate. Once you investigate these cases you see a wide area where it looks like somebody else wanted to keep them from receiving their pensions. Each of these men of course have to live the worst suffering all the more especially because they are not guilty of their convictions. You could perform similar investigations of convicted criminals going back to 1980 to find that most people were never proven guilty but were simply voted guilty by juries that base verdicts upon opinions or were forced to sign plea bargains. In these cases they say "forced to sign" because the police often make people plead guilty to crimes they didn't do by having another charge dismissed and they have also laws that allow trial convictions without proof of guilt. What no department of law ever investigates is police corruption at the level of the prosecutors office yet in this office are the people who make deals under the table.

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Bond0077 3 months ago

Ha! Giureh, nothing escapes you

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