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Bitchute censorship 2nd channel/1sub/3videos. BANNED!

Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Censorship

bitchute is well and truly finished,i just tried to upload on a 2nd account with 1 sub and 3 videos just to see if video would upload and then i realised the bastards have actually banned this channel also in uk and europe! wtf!

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Freethinking_Vladimir 5 months ago

It's because BitJew complies with both the UK and EU regulations regarding "hate speech".

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HereAmI 7 months ago

Blocking and banning is the jew modus operandi, because they only survive by lying.
I was on Natural News for a long time, even though I knew its founder had a jew name and is a jew apologist.
He spent an inordinate amount of time on one of his "Situation Updates" recently saying how although Flat Earth in his opinion is completely unscientific, he allows them ( how kind of him ) to post their videos on his Brighteon platform.
So I wrote a response explaining how his knowledge of basic science is extremely flawed; but although my comments are always witheld pending a censor's analysis, I then found that it had been "Deleted because it was detected as spam."
I have now deleted them too.

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pater409 7 months ago

I shall say it plainly: Bitchute sucks cock, and I intend to let them know I think so. I've just now discovered that many more of the channels I'd subscribed to are banned. I did not initially realize the extent of the censorship or the faggotry going on there.

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darkmatter 8 months ago

I am in Italy and many bitchute videos are blocked !

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hoplitefrogg 8 months ago

No surprise here, its Heb-chute

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